Thursday, 26 May 2011

Toilet signs around the world!

I like this designs for a toilet, I find it quite true but it's a stereotype. Although, i do find it friendly and fun. It is different and most people would find it humorous. 

I find this very humorous, I would say these are little inappropriate but young children wouldn't get the images so it could be very confused for some people. 

These are very child-friendly. I could use something similar for my designs.

I like this design. Its humorous but would be completely inappropriate in my restaurant.

I like these, i don't think that its that inappropriate. Its creative and eye-catching. I could use something similar this.

Again, i find this quite humorous, but some women may feel that this is completely inappropriate to put on a toilet door. I don't think i would use a design like this.

I think these toilets were found in Iran, there would be a lot of issues of that being in Europe. I don't think the woman is very appropriate, it may offend other religions.               

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