Thursday, 26 May 2011


I like this coaster design. I like the fact that it something inspirational on it. I like the typography that has been used here, Its readable and clear. This design would appeal to absolutely anyone. I feel that i could use a design similar to this, but with a quote related to food on there.

I think this is a creative coaster, using coffee/ tea stains. I like the use of the bright colours on here, not so sure on the darker colours because i don't think they go well against the blacks. The typography that has been used is friendly and clear. 

These a different and unique coasters. In a sort of comic style. I like the colours schemes that has been used and are eye-catching in a sort of indie style. 

I really like these coasters. They look friendly, fun and bright. I really like the illustrations that is on them and the colour scheme that has been used.'EHD likes you' also attracts my eye, It gives the whole design a warm personality, this is a good way to get the viewers to remember the design better.

I like the style that has been used here. It looks modern yet classic too which it is designed to be like. I like the typography that has been used, i feel that it is smart and the way that the type is laid out is successful. The white and black contrast tops the whole design off and makes it  winning.

I find this coaster design quite humorous. These are used in a strip club. They are appropriate and relative to their purpose. They portray their message clearly and successfully. I like the design overall. 
I think this design is very creative. I really like this idea. It is attractive and different. I don't particularly like the typeface used though, If i were to do something similar to fit in with my restaurant, i would chose something more friendly to attract my target market.

This design is a letterpress coaster. I like the design that is on here, I'm guessing that it is a logo as it doesn't have any text following underneath it. I do like the black & white contrast, the colours compliment each other and make the logo stand out a lot.

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