Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Children Activitys

I like the activity page because it's seems to be a lot clearer and stands out better than the other activity sheets.  This activity has been made by Crayola. I find that paint-by-numbers or colour-by-numbers are very popular with children as it is easy for a child. This activity sheet is a bit harder than just colouring in, it includes maths on it too which I think is very good as it is part educating and getting the child to interact with the activity more.
Word searches are quite easy for adults, but not for children. They test their minds and get them to interact more.  I like the amount of words that the children have to find on this sheet, the more words, the less bored they will get - especially determined and stubborn children. I think word searches are a great way of helping and encouraging children's concentration and intelligence.

This is similar to the Crayola activity sheet - having to work out the sums to colour a section in.   Instead of being a clown, this has been designed to be a friendly, colourful worm.  

I think this activity sheet is quite clever, having different images that start with a letter of a certain colour, and using these to colour in the rainbow. It encourages concentration as well as learning.

Now everyone knows 'Spot the difference'. You pretty much do what the title says. Some may be hard but some may be easy. These are a great way to gain a child's concentration for a long time and test their intelligence. Parents will pick up on how long it takes them to find everything.

These activitys are easy for a child. Sometimes they often try and stay between the lines which makes it harder, but they do this because when they are colouring, they are often told to stay within the lines. But obviously this doesn't go for all children.

Dot-to-dot, such an easy game for children to create an image that they think they have done themselves with a little bit of help as it wasn't there before. These can make a child feel proud that they have created a picture, and it also encourages concentration for a longer period of time.

This a more colourful activity sheet than above. I like how they can incorporated a maze inside a letter R. I think the restaurant or company is called R and B - short for Ramona and Beezus, so the maze in the R is relative. Also i like that they have also included a word search on the page. These two will keep their concentration and fun going for a while until their food comes hopefully. A much better way to keep children entertained when they're bored.

Code breaking is always interesting. Children can be quite nosey, so they enjoy finding what things mean that is in code. 

In my project, I will be creating an activity sheet that also has the menu on it. I want to include some of these activities on it, to give them some choice and help keep them occupied for the sake of both the children and parents. It is known, that some families bring their own activities with them so it would be useful if there are activities for the children to already do.

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