Thursday, 26 May 2011

Takeaway Packaging

This box is very creative and clever. It is environmentally friendly and productive. I like how the box is designed for multiple things and easy to take apart and construct. I think that I could use this box style for my takeaway pizza box.
Here is a pizza box that I found designed by a graphic designer. I like the layout of this pizza box and how it has got the logo and text around it. I could look at this to know what information to include on my pizza box.

I found this image and wanted to include it in this post. I like the net of the box and how it has a window to see what food is there. It is also recyclable so it is environmentally friendly. It looks easy to open and construct again. I could use this design for a takeaway box for children.

These are boxes, they say pizza on them but they were actually to put plants in and use them as flower pots and trays. Still i like the design on them and the illustrations on the back page. The colours are actually similar to the ones that I have used in my design.
As everyone knows, this is the McDonalds packaging. I really like the simple and colourful designs. The typography and layout of the whole designs in general and successful. I like the way the packaging design in the middle looks like it has a red long sticker on it (even though it doesn't). Its given me the idea to use a sticker on my packaging design.

I quite like these packaging designs. They are very simple with a sticker on them saying what they are. I also like the wooden forks with the logo. All of these packaging materials are recyclable again, this is very popular, trying to keep it environmentally friendly as possible. I will consider this when I am designing.

Here are some packaging designs that carry meals. I like this idea, i like how it is compatible and strong to carry a meal. This would be convienient in my restaurant with children who don't want to eat all their food. Their gardians can take the food home and save them cooking something later on when the children are hungry.

I really like this designs. They are colourful and simple. I really like the fish that has been used as a window and a handle. I may consider using my logo cutout for a handle and window too. I could also consider using bright colours and having games on the side for children. 

This is just a takeaway drink that you can get in most places. I like the whole idea of having a wrap around something, like a cup for example. Its a simple but effective design and still recyclable and environmentally friendly. I like the design on this wrap, how it has using different colours and the typography looks like it has been stencilled on. 

These are takeaway meals that you can find in shops. Again here you can see that there is just a wrap around the packaging. I find this is successful and attractive for my target audience. I like the pattern designs that this wrap has. 

Another wrap example. I think wrap around packaging are successful and I will strongly consider using these in my designs. I would make it attractive like these are.

Here is a nice packaging to use for a takeaway box. It is made out of recyclable materials so it is environmentally friendly. It looks like it would be easy to construct and open up. Its compatible and can hold alot of food. I would consider doing a box like this as well as a pizza box.

This design was like the other cup packaging. I included it in here because I like the packaging design, It is attractive, eye-catching, recyclable and compatible. It does what it is supposed to do successfully. I like the overall design.

Inspirational business cards

Toilet signs around the world!

I like this designs for a toilet, I find it quite true but it's a stereotype. Although, i do find it friendly and fun. It is different and most people would find it humorous. 

I find this very humorous, I would say these are little inappropriate but young children wouldn't get the images so it could be very confused for some people. 

These are very child-friendly. I could use something similar for my designs.

I like this design. Its humorous but would be completely inappropriate in my restaurant.

I like these, i don't think that its that inappropriate. Its creative and eye-catching. I could use something similar this.

Again, i find this quite humorous, but some women may feel that this is completely inappropriate to put on a toilet door. I don't think i would use a design like this.

I think these toilets were found in Iran, there would be a lot of issues of that being in Europe. I don't think the woman is very appropriate, it may offend other religions.               


I like this coaster design. I like the fact that it something inspirational on it. I like the typography that has been used here, Its readable and clear. This design would appeal to absolutely anyone. I feel that i could use a design similar to this, but with a quote related to food on there.

I think this is a creative coaster, using coffee/ tea stains. I like the use of the bright colours on here, not so sure on the darker colours because i don't think they go well against the blacks. The typography that has been used is friendly and clear. 

These a different and unique coasters. In a sort of comic style. I like the colours schemes that has been used and are eye-catching in a sort of indie style. 

I really like these coasters. They look friendly, fun and bright. I really like the illustrations that is on them and the colour scheme that has been used.'EHD likes you' also attracts my eye, It gives the whole design a warm personality, this is a good way to get the viewers to remember the design better.

I like the style that has been used here. It looks modern yet classic too which it is designed to be like. I like the typography that has been used, i feel that it is smart and the way that the type is laid out is successful. The white and black contrast tops the whole design off and makes it  winning.

I find this coaster design quite humorous. These are used in a strip club. They are appropriate and relative to their purpose. They portray their message clearly and successfully. I like the design overall. 
I think this design is very creative. I really like this idea. It is attractive and different. I don't particularly like the typeface used though, If i were to do something similar to fit in with my restaurant, i would chose something more friendly to attract my target market.

This design is a letterpress coaster. I like the design that is on here, I'm guessing that it is a logo as it doesn't have any text following underneath it. I do like the black & white contrast, the colours compliment each other and make the logo stand out a lot.

Paul Samples - Graphic Designer

This is just a little poster than he did for himself. I really like this design, it shows personality within the image and you feel his success and happiness with him. I like the different typefaces and the layout. I think it's a strong piece of work and quite eye-catching.
Heres a little mark that he made 'I Love You I've Chosen Darkness'. I think it's quite strong even though its very simple. I think that it stands out and is very strong as a design.

I find these designs really clever. Transferring the letter 'p' into 6 different things; a pencil, toilet paper, pinky, pussy cat, python and an elephant. I think all of these designs are really strong and successful. 

Here are 2 DPS. The first thing i see is the image with 3D glasses on it, I find this image very interesting and humorous in a way. I generally like the layouts and colour schemes on the pages. I think they are successful and creative. The atmosphere it creates is quite calming and relaxing which is great for an exhausting reader! I like the 3D effects throughout the DPS and the typeface, it works well with the images.

Here are 2 Salvador Dali posters promoting the new Dali Museum. I really like these designs. The yellow really compliments the image nicely, also using the logo onto of Dali's face is quite a creative and strong image. Both the posters appeal to me. The typeface that has been used is very relaxed and peaceful - like a museum is. I think that Samples has captured some of the museums personality in the posters which makes them successful.

This is part of the museum guide booklet. I really like this DPS because one page doubles and opens up another page to complete the quote that Salvador Dali has said. The image of Dali is appropriate and relates to the posters that are above; the triangles, these represent the roof of the museum itself. Again the yellow quote is there to keep the whole designs consistent with the whole brand. Therefore, i think it is a very strong brand.


S├ębastien Nikolaou - Graphic Designer

.This... is Sebastien Nikolaou. 

In the year of 1985, Seb was born in Greece. Being a child of a greek father and a french mother, he flawlessly speaks both languages, while he early adopted his parents' national culture and aesthetics.

His main passions and occupation is Graphic Design and illustration. In his teenage years, he became a graffiti artist; a fact that taught and inspired him a lot in his coming professional work. He got into computers, influenced by CD covers, music artworks and music itself, he started creating his first digital artworks at the age of 15.

He is currently studying at the Graphic Design department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. 

This is his main heading on his website, it is the first thing that viewers see and imediatly it draws them in with the bright year in front of them. I think this design is very eye-catching and strong. I like the design with all the circle and design with the lettering. I like how he has repeated 'seb' but  flipped the image around. 

I really like the colour scheme used here, it makes it seem modern yet old because of the colours. The style and layout of the page is very strong and eye-catching. I could use different bold shapes in my designs like this to attract my customers.

This is obviously a Greek poster, I'm not sure if it is a mens fashion show or music festival. I guessed fashion because of the different patterns on the clothes to seem that it is editing the clothes style. I do really like the style though, especially all the different patterns that is included in the poster. I love the colour scheme, its very mellow but exciting.

This is a flyer promoting a music show. I find the design on the front page quite unique and creative as well as being eye-catching and exciting. I really like the colour-scheme here, i think they are appropriate. The typography is similar to the poster below. I really like the typography used, it is clear and bold. The layout of these flyers make the flyers flow well and make it more attractive.

I really love this design. I love the background, it goes so well with the purpose of the poster. I also really like the typography on here, it makes it feel like a summer music festival or something similar like its supposed to and gives the whole poster a great personality to it. I think the way the typography is also transparent a little and lets the texture in is really eye-catching. I think the whole colour scheme fits it and works well with the poster. 

Here is a number of logos that he has designed. I think they are all creative and really nice. My favourite would be Rhythmatic (2nd row at top from left) because of the whole logo ties in together strongly and successfully.