Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sébastien Nikolaou - Graphic Designer

.This... is Sebastien Nikolaou. 

In the year of 1985, Seb was born in Greece. Being a child of a greek father and a french mother, he flawlessly speaks both languages, while he early adopted his parents' national culture and aesthetics.

His main passions and occupation is Graphic Design and illustration. In his teenage years, he became a graffiti artist; a fact that taught and inspired him a lot in his coming professional work. He got into computers, influenced by CD covers, music artworks and music itself, he started creating his first digital artworks at the age of 15.

He is currently studying at the Graphic Design department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. 

This is his main heading on his website, it is the first thing that viewers see and imediatly it draws them in with the bright year in front of them. I think this design is very eye-catching and strong. I like the design with all the circle and design with the lettering. I like how he has repeated 'seb' but  flipped the image around. 

I really like the colour scheme used here, it makes it seem modern yet old because of the colours. The style and layout of the page is very strong and eye-catching. I could use different bold shapes in my designs like this to attract my customers.

This is obviously a Greek poster, I'm not sure if it is a mens fashion show or music festival. I guessed fashion because of the different patterns on the clothes to seem that it is editing the clothes style. I do really like the style though, especially all the different patterns that is included in the poster. I love the colour scheme, its very mellow but exciting.

This is a flyer promoting a music show. I find the design on the front page quite unique and creative as well as being eye-catching and exciting. I really like the colour-scheme here, i think they are appropriate. The typography is similar to the poster below. I really like the typography used, it is clear and bold. The layout of these flyers make the flyers flow well and make it more attractive.

I really love this design. I love the background, it goes so well with the purpose of the poster. I also really like the typography on here, it makes it feel like a summer music festival or something similar like its supposed to and gives the whole poster a great personality to it. I think the way the typography is also transparent a little and lets the texture in is really eye-catching. I think the whole colour scheme fits it and works well with the poster. 

Here is a number of logos that he has designed. I think they are all creative and really nice. My favourite would be Rhythmatic (2nd row at top from left) because of the whole logo ties in together strongly and successfully. 

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