Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Crayola was first formed in 1885 but the company then was actually called 'Binney & Smith' after its founders. It wasn't until 2007 when the company changed its name to Crayola. 
This company is aimed at children, different products aimed at different age ranges. Crayola has inspired artistic creativity in children for over a decade now.

Here are a number of examples of activity sheets that crayola have made. 

This activity gets the children involved physically rather than intellectually like the rest of the pages.  This is a good way to keep a child entertained and happy when trying to achieve a task. I like this idea, I think i could do a similar idea relating to my restaurant more.

This is just a simple colouring page, no brains needed for this one! I wouldn't use this. 1 - because it doesn't challenge the children enough and they would get bored very easily and 2 - because it's aimed at a more specific target audience (girls aged 2-6).

Here we have another craft that the children can make. Again it is physical, so it is encouraging young children to be creative and help with their hand-eye coordination too. They can colour and make up this activity, so their design at the end. I think this is a good activity to use in my restaurant.

Obviously this is a bit inappropriate to use in a restaurant as it doesn't relate to anything. But again, it's physical and helps the kids interact with what they are doing. I could use something similar, like creative their own menu as a shape of an animal or a beach item.

Cars, everyone knows that cars are normally aimed at boys when they are younger. But you still get a few girls that are interested. With this activity, kids can design their own cars and then later on at home, can stick it on something and have their own car! It could have the restaurant logo on it, so the parents would remember it when they are at home.

Match the pictures up, this is quite a hard activity for children sometimes. This helps their intellectual development and concentration skills. I could use this in my project but using a different object to avoid copyright. 

This is a big colouring page with information at the bottom. I think that this information is more interesting to adults or children 7+. The hot air ballon is a nice image to colour in for children, they are able to design their own ballon the colours they want it.

This is similar to the clown image on the previous post. Again you have to add up the sums to know which colour to colour them. Children don't really have a choice of what colours to colour different parts in as the aim is to use the colours assigned to each sum. I think this encourages education and helps their intellectual skills.

I like this page, i think its creative and fun for children. Like it says at the bottom, '10 toes are fun to decorate, have fun adding colours and patterns to these toes', these toes look happy and fun for children to decorate. 

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