Thursday, 26 May 2011

Takeaway Packaging

This box is very creative and clever. It is environmentally friendly and productive. I like how the box is designed for multiple things and easy to take apart and construct. I think that I could use this box style for my takeaway pizza box.
Here is a pizza box that I found designed by a graphic designer. I like the layout of this pizza box and how it has got the logo and text around it. I could look at this to know what information to include on my pizza box.

I found this image and wanted to include it in this post. I like the net of the box and how it has a window to see what food is there. It is also recyclable so it is environmentally friendly. It looks easy to open and construct again. I could use this design for a takeaway box for children.

These are boxes, they say pizza on them but they were actually to put plants in and use them as flower pots and trays. Still i like the design on them and the illustrations on the back page. The colours are actually similar to the ones that I have used in my design.
As everyone knows, this is the McDonalds packaging. I really like the simple and colourful designs. The typography and layout of the whole designs in general and successful. I like the way the packaging design in the middle looks like it has a red long sticker on it (even though it doesn't). Its given me the idea to use a sticker on my packaging design.

I quite like these packaging designs. They are very simple with a sticker on them saying what they are. I also like the wooden forks with the logo. All of these packaging materials are recyclable again, this is very popular, trying to keep it environmentally friendly as possible. I will consider this when I am designing.

Here are some packaging designs that carry meals. I like this idea, i like how it is compatible and strong to carry a meal. This would be convienient in my restaurant with children who don't want to eat all their food. Their gardians can take the food home and save them cooking something later on when the children are hungry.

I really like this designs. They are colourful and simple. I really like the fish that has been used as a window and a handle. I may consider using my logo cutout for a handle and window too. I could also consider using bright colours and having games on the side for children. 

This is just a takeaway drink that you can get in most places. I like the whole idea of having a wrap around something, like a cup for example. Its a simple but effective design and still recyclable and environmentally friendly. I like the design on this wrap, how it has using different colours and the typography looks like it has been stencilled on. 

These are takeaway meals that you can find in shops. Again here you can see that there is just a wrap around the packaging. I find this is successful and attractive for my target audience. I like the pattern designs that this wrap has. 

Another wrap example. I think wrap around packaging are successful and I will strongly consider using these in my designs. I would make it attractive like these are.

Here is a nice packaging to use for a takeaway box. It is made out of recyclable materials so it is environmentally friendly. It looks like it would be easy to construct and open up. Its compatible and can hold alot of food. I would consider doing a box like this as well as a pizza box.

This design was like the other cup packaging. I included it in here because I like the packaging design, It is attractive, eye-catching, recyclable and compatible. It does what it is supposed to do successfully. I like the overall design.