Thursday, 26 May 2011

Paul Samples - Graphic Designer

This is just a little poster than he did for himself. I really like this design, it shows personality within the image and you feel his success and happiness with him. I like the different typefaces and the layout. I think it's a strong piece of work and quite eye-catching.
Heres a little mark that he made 'I Love You I've Chosen Darkness'. I think it's quite strong even though its very simple. I think that it stands out and is very strong as a design.

I find these designs really clever. Transferring the letter 'p' into 6 different things; a pencil, toilet paper, pinky, pussy cat, python and an elephant. I think all of these designs are really strong and successful. 

Here are 2 DPS. The first thing i see is the image with 3D glasses on it, I find this image very interesting and humorous in a way. I generally like the layouts and colour schemes on the pages. I think they are successful and creative. The atmosphere it creates is quite calming and relaxing which is great for an exhausting reader! I like the 3D effects throughout the DPS and the typeface, it works well with the images.

Here are 2 Salvador Dali posters promoting the new Dali Museum. I really like these designs. The yellow really compliments the image nicely, also using the logo onto of Dali's face is quite a creative and strong image. Both the posters appeal to me. The typeface that has been used is very relaxed and peaceful - like a museum is. I think that Samples has captured some of the museums personality in the posters which makes them successful.

This is part of the museum guide booklet. I really like this DPS because one page doubles and opens up another page to complete the quote that Salvador Dali has said. The image of Dali is appropriate and relates to the posters that are above; the triangles, these represent the roof of the museum itself. Again the yellow quote is there to keep the whole designs consistent with the whole brand. Therefore, i think it is a very strong brand.


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