Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Mcdonalds used to have a 'McDonalds Spaceship' which was very attractive to kids. I remember when we used to have one on the A1, and it was very fun, very child friendly and really exciting to go to.
The logo is very well known as 'The Golden Arches', McDonalds is probably one of the most popular brands worldwide. "Two prominent shades, golden and red, are used in the McDonald’s logo to represent its bold nature. Golden hue is employed to color the two arches, now merged to form “M” in the McDonald’s logo. Nonetheless, the red color is utilized to fill the background of the distinguished McDonald’s logo. Boldness, power and strong corporate image are truly reflected by the use of these two confident colors." - http://www.famouslogos.org/mcdonalds-logo
Ronald McDonald is a clown character for McDonalds. This originally was used to attract kids to McDonalds because he was fun and friendly to children. McDonalds introduced a fantasy world called McDonaldland and other characters that the clown used to have adventures with. This was a big hit for children but soon children got scared of clowns in general.
McDonalds do 'Happy Meals' for children which contain some fast food, fruit and a toy. The toy helps the child interact and keep interest when eating food.

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  1. This makes me want a macdonalds right now. urgh!