Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Hi! Welcome to my blog!. The purpose of this blog is for my Final Major Project. I will be branding a new restaurant. I chose to do this because i thought this would be fun and interesting to work on. 

The title of my project is ‘Campaign to launch new restaurant’. I will be producing a number of outcomes including: Logo design, Menu design, Uniform designs, Advertisements such as: Posters, fliers, window posters and billboards. By the end of this project I will have a number of advertisements launching a new family restaurant with a logo and identity that I will have created. My restaurant will be the type of restaurant that will be aimed at families. It will give the feel that it is a treat for children and where parents will know that their children will have a good time, yet eat healthy food and be in a happy and safe environment. The restaurant will not be expensive to eat in, and it will be a restaurant where you can sit in and be enjoyable for everyone. Graphic design includes ‘Identity’ which is made up of logos and branding, this is what I have chosen to do for my final major project. This will broaden my knowledge on existing brand campaigns, existing restaurant logos, restaurant advertisements and existing menu designs and what works best for different target markets. 

This restaurant will be aimed at families. I chose this because I do not think there are enough family restaurants that are enjoyable for small children. I will be looking at some child friendly restaurants such as: McDonalds, Burger King, Giraffe, Las Iguanas, Frankie’s & Benny’s, Café Rouge, Hard Rock Café, Planet Hollywood. I will look at these restaurants and other family-friendly restaurants in the UK. I will research my target audience in depth, showing how families are encouraged to go to certain restaurants, what things other family restaurants offer to children and to parents, what things attract children at restaurants, how to keep them entertained while eating. I will look at attractive and successful menus and restaurant as well. I will do this by researching on the Internet, books, by visiting different child-friendly restaurants and talking to the manager and asking how their restaurant is successful and what methods they use.

I intend use Illustrator for most of this project. I will only include a few photographic images for the menu and advertisements, for this I will use Photoshop. I will experiment with using different medias such as paints, charcoal, pencil and illustrator/ Photoshop to create different textures and imagery for my menu background, advertisements and brand identity. I will use these different medias to help develop my ideas, they will give me an idea of what works better and what has the potential to be more eye-catching in this project.









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