Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Food Logo Inspiration

I think that this logo is very clever how the name of the restaurant (DODO) is also the shape of kebab meat, and it's a grill restaurant which links the two together. I think that the colours are a little plain, for a grill restaurant the colour brown could have been used. I think that the target audience for this restaurant is males and female aged 20+ and who eat meat, this is because of the style of the logo, the colours that have been used and the restaurant wouldn't be suitable for vegetarians.

I think that this logo is quite clever, the way the fork, knife and plate is incorporated into the logo. The target audience would instantly know what this logo is for. Although the logo is quite simple itself, I believe that it is strong and eye-catching. I think that this logo would be aimed at anyone who likes to eat out at restaurants, the typography is quite friendly and simple - i would say that the logo was aimed at all ages.

I like this restaurant logo. I think that it is simple, yet attractive and clear. The image on the logo is of 2 people dining and 1 person standing up drinking. I like this because this represents the bar and restaurant. I think that the colour scheme in this logo works well with the design. The typography on this logo is thin and spacious which gives it a french feeling to it. I think that this restaurant is a french restaurant, judging by the name 'Vitrine' which means 'Showcase', and by the style of the logo. The target audeience for this restaurant is anyone who likes french dining over the age of 18. This is because of the style of the logo itself.

'Yellow', i really like this name for a restaurant & snack bar. Yellow represents happiness and instantly the logo has a friendly happy personality. It seems quite casual but smart. I think the images within the logo work well with the typography that has been used and it is relevant to the what its for. The colour yellow relates back to the name, and gives the logo a personality. I recon that this logo is aimed anyone over the age of 16 and who like to dine out with others.

I think that this logo is really attractive. The blue for starters is a subtle colour and works well with the logo itself. I like the fact that a fork has been incorporated and the 'o' is out of place here. It helps attract its target audience as its different and simple but strong. I think that this restaurant would be aimed at anyone who likes to eat out at restaurants, probably at families. The typography and the image lets the target audience know what the logo is representing easily but its hard to tell what theme the restaurant is in.

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