Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Food Advertisment Inspiration

I like the colours that have been used here, it looks like a very child friendly menu, mostly to be aimed at children because of the monsters on the design. I think that the illustrated image and photograph has merged in well together on this ad.
This again is advertising a pizza brand. I like this design, I like that is has included Obama in it and saying that it is a bargain. It is very eye-catching and attractive. I would say that this ad is aimed at 15+.

Normally I don’t like photographed advertisements, but i find this really eye-catching and attractive. I particularly like the typeface and position in the centre of the page with photography underneath and on top of it. It is a very eye-catching design.

This design is for the Hard Rock Cafe. This is very suitable for the brand and I really like how they have included the venue image on top of the guitar. It is very creative and clever. I also like the effects that have been used with this image to create bright coloured outlines. The layout creates a professional and successful look to the design.

I like this ad, how the fruit and veg have made up a face of a clown. It is very creative and eye-catching. I think that this add would appeal to most children ( who are not scared of clowns). 

I think that this add is very creative. Using cutlery to create a Piano, i find this attractive. Also it is relevant to the purpose of the ad. The position of the text mixes well with the image and creates a nice flow within the design.

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